Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a clean a safe procedure?

With each procedure there are prepackaged medical grade sterilized, single use needles and tubes. Health standards are strictly upheld to all OSHA and LA County Health Department standards. This is to ensure the safest and most sterile procedure to prevent cross contamination.

Will I be in a lot of pain?

Usually with scar tissue there is numbness in the area. If there is discomfort, there is a topical anesthetic that can be applied.

How long will it take to heal?

Everyone is different, but usually 1-2 weeks.

How long will it last?

If cared for properly it will last forever, but over exposure to the sun, swimming, and etc. will shorten that time. A touch up may be needed after sometime, as well. Each case is different. I use permanent ink instead of cosmetic ink. Cosmetic ink is a temporary solution that will need continuous touching up and reworking. This photo is a test piece that was done using cosmetic ink. After two years it's nearly faded and had little to no sun exposure.

Will it look natural, 3-Dimensional, and realistic?

1-D refers to something flat, such as a skin surface, When there is no artistry in tattooing this is a common result.

Holly's ability and artistry allows her to create a 3-D optical illusion of something with depth and height. With attention to detail, color & symmetry a more natural appearance is achievable.